I am a Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at Princeton University (with a certificate in Social Policy from Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs), advised by Professors Betsy Levy Paluck and Eldar Shafir. My research is concerned with: 1) group influence over long-lasting behavioral changes, and 2) decision processes under resource disparity and social inequality. I received my B.A. in psychology and economics with the highest honors from University of Virginia in 2013.

For my dissertation work, I conducted two field experiments with groups of Chinese factory workers and American university staff. Across 97 work groups and 1,924 workers, I find that increasing voice in groups through a brief intervention significantly boosted workers’ productivity. In addition, the brief and immersive experience of a more egalitarian power structure in one’s work group shifted their attitudes toward authority and justice at the local organization, and in society more generally. In related lines of research, I’ve investigated people’s decisions and perceptions with regard to inequality and hierarchy, and how social influence from nudges and choice architecture shifts behavioral patterns.

My area of interest generally falls into these overlapping categories:

  • Group dynamics

  • Behavioral change

  • Social inequality and hierarchy

  • Judgment and decision making

  • Research methodology

You can read more about my research here or email me at jueyuw@princeton.edu