I am a fourth year graduate student in Psychology and Public Policy in Princeton University. I am supervised by Professor Betsy Levy Paluck and Professor Eldar Shafir.

My primary area of research is social psychology and the interplay of psychology and economics. Some of my current research questions ask: How do group dynamics influence individual behavior, such as worker productivity? What’s the impact of scarcity on people’s decision processes and psychological outcomes? How do we use psychological tools to nudge people into adopting more desirable behavior? For my dissertation, I am exploring how group decision making, and participation in a more democratic working condition, can increase worker productivity and change their social attitudes, using field experiments among Chinese factory workers in a multinational firm.

I received my B.A. in psychology and economics (summa cum laude) from University of Virginia in 2013. In my undergraduate life, I researched flow, affective forecasting, and culture with Tim Wilson and Shige Oishi. I also did research on game theories and bargaining in economics.

You can read more about my research here.